Used Car Consignment Centre

Welcome to our Consignment Centre
Trying to sell your used car and getting frustrated with the tire kickers? No time for the hassle of making appointments at your home?
Let us do it for you!
Here’s how it works:
We ask you to leave full coverage on the vehicle while it’s here.
We store the vehicle inside in our heated showroom or on our lot.
We do a full pre-inspection report and a safety pre-inspection.
So we know what costs, if any, may be associated with issuing a safety prior to selling the vehicle.
We obtain a history report to provide to all potential customers, including:
  • Carfax history report
  • Ontario history report to show previous owners and to check for mileage discrepancies
  • Auto Check Report
  • Lien search
We have the vehicle thoroughly detailed and have a photoshoot including 360-degree video taken.
We post it online in multiple locations.
These include and, Facebook Market Place, Instagram and & as well as and
Full Vehicle Portfolio
With all the above we create a full vehicle portfolio file to display to customers, we handle all in-person traffic, phone calls, and emails. 

Test drives are only conducted upon firming up a price and are conducting with one of our registered salespersons, essentially to close the deal, we do not test drive vehicles with customers unless we’ve gotten to the very last point in the sale including pre-approval with the bank if need be.

With that said we also offer 18 lenders and non-prime funding in house to make the sale as easy as possible for new clients and offer insured warranty to potential buyers.
At our Used Car Consignment centre, for all the above our fee is $449.00 plus HST onetime payment on drop off non-refundable regardless of vehicle sells OR not.  You keep the vehicle portfolio file we created.

If after 4 weeks there’s no traction, we need to charge our weekly rate for advertising, which is deducted from the final purchase price unless you pull the car from our lot.  The weekly rate is $49.99 for all platforms included.
You Get the Final Say
When the vehicle sells, we take a 10% commission (or a minimum of $1000 on the sale whichever is greater) and issue the safety less any costs of repairs for the safety certificate, if any.

We are obligated to present to you all the offers we receive and leave the final sales decision on you to authorize.
Sell your car today!

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